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Q: How to use the watch in General(What's the main steps)?

A: Here is the easy guide: step1: download APP from Google Play Store or Apple APP Store(APP Name: Leefine), Step2: Register in the APP(Please take note that APP will send verification code to your email box, not to your mobile phone via short message), Step3: Shut down watch completely, put sim card in, and then power on the watch. Step4: Bind the watch to your APP(Open the APP, enter home page, click the icon on right upper corner to add device, and then scan the QR code from the watch menu, please note that the QR Code, or binding code, or device code, is NOT IMEI# on the back of the watch, it should be searched from the watch menu and will be displayed on watch screen). Step5: Choose the device you just added, and then it can be used(one APP can bind several devices).

Q: What kind of SIM Card does watch support?

A: The watch supports international standard NANO or Micro SIM card, depends on which model you use, please refer to instruction sheet for confirmation.

Q: How long is the standby time

A: Standby time of the watch depends on tracking mode, location frequency, and how long you use for video calling(which is the most power-consumptive), roughly it’s 2-7 days under normal conditions according to different models.

Q:  Is the watch water-proof

A: All watches are splash-resistant. You can wear it when washing hands or in rainy days but please remove before swimming or showering

Q: Why my watch can’t locate properly?

A: There are 2 possibilities usually: 1. Please make sure your SIM Card has data service. 2. Please power off watch when initially install SIM card or replace another one, if you change sim card when power on, you must restart the watch(completely power off and then on) in order to use it properly.

Q: Why my “history track” is incomplete?

AThere are generally 2 situations: 1. When you were indoors without wifi or some extremely remote place outdoors, watch can’t get location report, and the position track would be a straight line. 2. Check your settings of Care time (open app-Settings-Care time). There is no location report from watch out of the set time-interval(while by when manual positioning is available),watch is power-saving under this condition. If user select “tracking mode”, which will consume much more power, standby time of watch will be shorten greatly.

Q: Why my location is inaccurate

A: Accuracy of location depends on Location ways. When in open area outside with GPS the accuracy can be 5-10 meters; with wifi mode(inside the building or in urban area) the accuracy can be 50-100 meters, while LBS accuracy can be about 500-2000 meters(when both GPS and Wifi are not available)

Q: How many contacts can be added?

A: No more than 30

Q: Why my watch can’t receive calls

A: there is “block strangers” function in the watch(open APP-settings-watch settings). if this function is on, watch will refuse to answer automatically if the incoming call’s caller ID is not in watch’s contact list.

Q: How do the watch switch to other languages

AUsually watch language is decided by Sim card language, if you want to change to other languages please refer to instruction sheet for help.